Moisturised skin with GorjusWhips Body Butters

I know, I know, it has been a while since putting up a post. I've been putting some more focus on my clients and my health coaching business. But one thing that hasn't change is me taking time for some self-care. Self-care doesn't have to be a full blast Spa day, complete with a hot stone massage, facial, deep tissue…..what was I talking about again lol. But yeah those of us on a budget have to transform our homes into a spa. I loooove skin care products, especially all natural gems.  Taking time to take care of your skin is definitely a form of self-care. My girl form GorjusWhips sent me some two jars of whipped shea moisture body butter from her all natural collection and I'm absolutely in love.

Tips & Tricks: How to balance life as a work from home mom

Being a work at home mom myself; blogger and health and lifestyle coach, I've been thinking of the ways I keep myself sane most days. In my opinion, work from home is a little taboo but for me the best ways to make money. There is nothing like being your own boss. But being a boss at home and family can be tricky to balance. Sometimes life is insane but that's just how things go sometimes. So I have come up with some tips and tricks that I practice so things can run as smoothly and balanced as possible. 

Shades of grey

Heading out to the Miami Fair I wanted to put together an outfit that was comfortable and stylish at the same time. Miami weather has been super up and down lately but I just knew the sun was going to be blazing, as it always is when we go the fair. My style is very simple and as you can see by the new Yeezy season, basics are trending. I love this style cause I love basics. But ain't nobody over here got Yeezy money so I found these super dope fashion basics from the New Essentials Collection from Missguided that's right for any budget. As you all know I love shopping for clothes online and will be bringing you more fashion looks.